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In line with the present Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), assented to in 1995, pharmaceutical companies are allowed to register patents on medicines, which they have researched and manufactured, for a 20-year period. After this, the law dictates that the research should be made public and, therefore, accessible to other manufacturers to create generic drugs. The Global Patented Generic Pharmaceuticals market is expected to reach roughly US$ 380.60 Billion by 2021, growing at a rate of 10.8% annually. Despite this upward growth in the market, there are several challenges that the Patented Generic Pharmaceuticals market could face.

This report looks at how manufacturers are using the current status of Patent Law to ensure that they are able to extend their Intellectual Property Rights over medications, resulting in fewer medication formulas being made available to Patented Generic Pharmaceutical companies. This report looks at a number of patent pharmaceuticals, such as the HPV vaccine and the HSV drugs, in China, India, Indonesia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Russia. In addition, the report highlights the proactive steps that need to be taken by government to make it simpler for generic pharmaceutical companies to get HPV, HSV and HBV drugs to the market within a reasonable period of time, particularly after the original brand’s patent term has expired.

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Scope of the Report

The report begins by examining the following scenarios: HPV vaccine patents; the changes in the market share that patented HSV and HBV drugs have after the patent has expired (2013-2017); as well as the current market sizes for HPV vaccines, HSV drugs and HBV drugs. It considers these issues relating to India, China, Indonesia, Ukraine, Vietnam, and Russia.

The report further investigates how long generic pharmaceuticals companies should wait after a drug’s patent has expired before they are free to register a new patent. This question is considered for HPV, HSV and HBV drugs. Many pharmaceutical companies try to extend their patents by changing one component of the drug, and re-registering it as a new patent. The period of time between patent expiration and new registering is often too short for generic pharmaceutical companies to register their own patent.

The report ends with a number of case studies that illustrate the process that one must follow after a particular drug patent has expired, in order to register the new patent for a generic medication.

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Report Core Objective

This report seeks to inform readers of the investment potential in the Patented Generic Pharmaceuticals market, which is worth billions of dollars, and is growing exponentially. One of the reasons for this is that generic drugs can reduce the cost of medicine by up to 80%, and are a vital part of accessible health-care. Consumers are more capable of buying this type of medication, as opposed to more expensive brand-names. This makes it a good market for investors, as they are more likely to receive a return on their investment.

The fact that this report covers a broad range of countries, and addresses the same questions with reference to said countries, gives industry professionals a deeper understanding of the Patented Generic Pharmaceutical market across multiple locations, and gives readers a good basis for comparison. In addition, if readers in the Generic Pharmaceutical sphere wish to expand their operations to other territories, they can use the in-depth information presented in this report to inform their decision.

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Patented Generic Pharmaceuticals Market


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